Weekly Workforce Roundup: Jan. 23-Jan. 29

This has been a busy week for workforce and community college issues.  Congratulations to the Boston Foundation, whose report inspired many of the recommendations in the Governor’s State of the State related to community colleges.  The Governor’s recommendations to unify and align the state’s 15 colleges in one budget line item are a good first step to helping more students obtain the credentials needed for middle-skill jobs.   In addition, on Wednesday, the Governor released his House I budget, which not only included the $10 million for community colleges that he promised in the State of the State, but also included $10 million for recapitalizing the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund for the purpose of creating “regional centers of excellence,” which are very similar to what this coalition proposed in the Middle Skills Solutions Act.  On top of all this, President Obama discussed the importance of workforce training in his State of the Union address last Tuesday night.

Read on for more coverage.  And thanks for your continued support!

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