American Jobs Act Details

Last night, President Obama outlined his plan to put Americans back to work–the American Jobs Act.

The act includes small business tax cuts, payroll tax cuts, tax credits for hiring veterans and the long-term unemployed, a fund for infrastructure and school improvements, an extension of unemployment benefits, and a fund for summer jobs, subsidized employment, and job training and placement programs.

According to White House officials who spoke on a call with constituents today and who will post more information and state specific fact sheets about the Act at soon, some of the benefits the plan offers to MA include:

  • Approximately 140,000 businesses in the Commonwealth will receive payroll tax cut
  • Approximately $850,000,000 in infrastructure improvement funds will come to MA
  • Approximately 123,000 long-term unemployed residents will be able to get back to work
  • Approximately 9,200 youth and 2,500 adults will benefit from the new Pathways Back to Work fund. 

Read the American Jobs Act fact sheet

Watch the enhanced version of President Obama’s address to Congress


Author: SkillWorks

SkillWorks is a nationally recognized workforce funder collaborative, launched by the Boston Foundation in 2003 to improve workforce development in Boston and across Massachusetts. SkillWorks brings together philanthropy, government, community organizations and employers to address the twin goals of: 1) Helping low-skill, low-income individuals attain family-supporting jobs; and 2) Helping employers find and retain skilled employees.

2 thoughts on “American Jobs Act Details”

  1. How about putting money back into the Employment Services Program? I worked for the Work Readiness Program that helped recipients of TAFDC find jobs and I got laid off! Our program had a 95% success rate and now I am desperate to find a job….

    1. Hi Gretchen,

      Thanks for commenting–we’ve supported funding for the ESP before and will continue to do so. We have been very disappointed to see that program suffer such dramatic cuts in recent years.

      Please stay engaged with our policy efforts through Skills2Compete and the Workforce Solutions Group (

      Best wishes to you in your job search,

      Loh-Sze Leung


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