Governor Patrick signs FY2012 budget; workforce priorities stand

Governor Patrick has signed the FY2012 budget without any additional cuts or vetoes to spending items and with only limited amendments and vetoes to outside sections.

Therefore workforce priorities stand as they were in the Conference Committee report:

  • 7003-0701-Workforce Training Fund: $19,900,000; becomes a trust
  • 7003-0803–One Stop Career Centers: $4,494,467
  • 7002-0012–At Risk Youth, YouthWorks youth jobs: $3,000,000
  • 7027-0019–School to Career Connecting Activities: $750,000
  • 7035-0002–ABE/ESOL: $27,702,108
  • 8100-0111–Shannon Anti-Gang Violence Program: $5,500,000
  • 4401-1000–Employment Services Program: $7,109,035

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