FY2012 State Budget Update: Conference Committee Report Released

Thank you for all of your calls and emails on behalf of workforce priorities in the FY2012 State Budget.  The Conference Committee budget has now been completed and sent to the Governor.

Here’s what’s in it, as far as workforce priorities are concerned:

  • 7003-0701-Workforce Training Fund: $19,900,000; becomes a trust (as requested)
  • 7003-0803–One Stop Career Centers: $4,494,467 (slightly lower than requested)
  • 7002-0012–At Risk Youth, YouthWorks youth jobs: $3,000,000 (as requested)
  • 7027-0019–School to Career Connecting Activities: $750,000 (compromise amount)
  • 7035-0002–ABE/ESOL: $27,702,108 (as requested)
  • 8100-0111–Shannon Anti-Gang Violence Program: $5,500,000 (as requested)
  • 4401-1000–Employment Services Program: $7,109,035

See how these amounts compare to FY2010 and FY2011.

Read the preliminary analysis on the Conference Committee Report prepared by MA Budget and Policy Center.

Read the full Conference Committee Report.

Stay tuned for an update as the Governor considers the budget over the next few days.  He has until July 10 to review, amend or veto the bill.


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