FY2012 State Budget Update and Advocacy Alert

The FY2012 House Ways and Means budget for the state of MA was released last week, and the funding picture for workforce training and education is mixed.  Here’s a brief overview (including FY10 and FY11 funding levels) as well as a call to ask your representatives to support a number of amendments to increase funding for a few key workforce programs in the FY2012 budget.

Amendments Requested:

  • Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (7002-1074): $0 in House W & M; Support amendment 615 to transfer $8 million from consolidated net surplus of FY11 budget
  • School to Career Connecting Activities (7027-0019): $0 in House W & M; Support amendments 122, 487 and 65 to restore $2 million to this program, which in 2010 placed 11,000 students in jobs and internships, with employers investing over $14.8 million in their wages.
  • At Risk Youth: Teen Jobs (7002-0012): $0 in House W & M; Support amendments 119, 514 and 474 to restore $4.4 million for summer and year-round employment for at-risk youth.
  • Employment Services Program (4401-1000): $3.69 million in House W & M for Young Parent Program only; Support amendment 608 or 645 to increase funding to at least $6 million for this program that supports job training and employment services for TAFDC recipients.

No Amendments Requested:

  • Workforce Training Fund (7003-0701): $21 million in House W & M
  • Adult Basic Education (7035-0002): $27,702,108 in House W & M
  • One Stop Career Centers (7003-0803): $4,994,467 in House W & M

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